Rather than bending to trends, the Allison Collection girl embraces her own personal style and self-expression. A contemporary day to night brand, Allison Collection is for the girly girl at heart.  She is strong yet feminine, vivacious yet sophisticated, sassy, yet never takes life too seriously.

 Armed with a background in business and marketing and a keen eye for fabrics and style, Cleveland, Ohio native, Ally Groedel launched the brand Allison Collection with the desire to put timeless yet fun essentials in the closets of discerning young women around the world.

With inspirations stemming from spring season in Central Park, people gazing at a café in Paris, hunting through vintage stores in Italy, and strolling through the colorful markets of Morocco, Allison Collection is for the fashion forward, always on the move woman- a sophisticated brand with playful sensibility, which is a direct reflection of the designer.

 The brand encompasses timeless staples, pairing modern shapes with luxurious fabrics.  Effortlessly chic silhouettes infused with boho glamour are a driving force behind Ally’s designs. The entire collection is designed in Ally’s stomping grounds- New York City.

 Allison Collection has been celebrated through numerous fashion blogs and magazines and is sold at specialty boutiques worldwide.

Ally Groedel, CEO, Creative Director

Ally Groedel, CEO, Creative Director