Android Game Download: Sally’s Salon Spa

Dodo HackEvery girl will be loved a role play games which is they are trying to run errand something like being a doctor, having restaurant, having virtual pet, or doing salon. All of those types of games are loved by many girls in the world. That’s why Sally’s salon spa is best girls android download ever. In this game, you will run errands a salon spa which owned by sally. You’ll play Sally character to make your salon spa bigger and famous.

Addictive Android Game Download

In the very first stage of playing this game, you will see a short story of  Sally. After that, you’ll get the tutorial for playing the game. This game is made to serve the guest of the salon that is why girl really loves this game and being the best girl android game download. If the guest wants to take a hair spa click the guest and drag to the spa place. There is also place to manicure and pedicure, so if the guest wants to manicure and pedicure you could drag that guest to the right place. If the guest wants another treatment there will be a balloon pop up in their head that show pictures that related to the treatment. So you have to aware and move faster because you need to complete the daily goals. After the treatment already done, the guest will be automatically going to cashier. But you need to click cashier in other to receive the guest money.

There is a time set in each day of stage, you need to get money as much as the daily goals in other to completed the stage. After the stage already success, you could upgrade your salon by giving decoration or adding more treatment place. In upper stage, you could hire one trainer to help you serve the guest. To skip difficult stage you could use game cheats.

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