Bad Behavior Can Cause Problem Brain

Health tipsThe brain is the organ of the body which is very amazing and it is very important for your body. As the people know that the brain has an important function. It has functions to control all of the activities that the body does. The brain also will save all of the information that the people get and also to save the memory of your life. This organ will really need the maintain health, to make everything can work well. It is same with the heart; the brain is also one of the vital body organs which are very influencing the activity and the system.

It is very important to make your brain still relax, and warm. You should remove the activity that will damage the health. First of all is boredom. If you lack intellectual stimulation, it will decrease the intellectual capacity of the brain. Neuroplasticity is the brain skill to think differently. It is caused by the boredom that happens in a long time. The second is if you skip to having breakfast, you will increase 36 percent the risk of brain problem. The third is a cell phone, the electromagnets can radiate the radiation that as the fact, this is very dangerous for the people. The radiation that is created by the cell phone will cause the confusion and headache.

The fourth is if you eat too much food, even less the food that is a lack of the nutrition will reduce the brain skill. The fifth is when you become the uncommunicative people, and lack of the social interaction will create the anxiety and depression. Then, if you are a lack of sleep. If you do not have a good quality of sleep will make you are easy to forget about something. It also will increase the neurodegenerative risk. Then, the smoking will create the damage in viability neuron. This cell has functioned as the soft neuromotor.

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