Bonsai Tree Care With Repotting

bonsai tree careRe-potting is a term that is used for changing the pot of bonsai trees. Most trees really do not need to be moved into other places because there is a high chance that they cannot live in the new area. However, bonsai is rather different. Within bonsai tree care, you will recognize that re-potting is essential for ensuring its life quality better. It is essential because the bonsai tree has a root that keeps growing looking for soil with nutrient. Eventually, they will circle around the pot and it disables the ability to absorb nutrient from the soil. The end result is starving to death, and you just do not want that to happen.

Re-Potting For Bonsai Tree Care

Sometimes, you actually do not need any form of re-potting. However, it is necessary to pay attention closely every year or every other year. It all depends on the type of the tree. However, the fast-growing tree requires more attention. So, you need to check its root and see whether it is circling around the base or not. For better bonsai tree care, it is recommended to re-pot the bonsai tree in spring. The reason is because the tree has a more flexible root which is not quite harmful to the tree.

If you do not know about reporting, here is a quick tutorial for that. Of course, you need to check whether it is a good time for repotting. Otherwise, you are only hurting the tree. Once you know it is the right time, you just need to pick the tree from its pot. After that, do gentle cleaning especially in locations where the roots start to tangle up. Some trees do not require you to remove all soil. Be careful on that. Once you remove the soil, it is time for you to trim its roots. Again, do it with special bonsai tree care.

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