Your Daily Meals Guide And Tips

Health lifeBreakfast is the most important meal of the day. You can’t start your day without an empty stomach. A nice breakfast is a balanced breakfast with a decent amount of portion. A medium portion, not too little not too many. If you eat too little for breakfast, it will interrupt your day, you will hungry again after a few moments. While a big portion isn’t really recommended, if you eat a lot of foods, your disgusting system will need a more energy to digest it. Your energy will be used for digestion, and you will feel sleepy. That’s why after we eat a lot of food we will feel sleepy. A slice of bread scrambled eggs, and coffee or tea is good enough for breakfast.

At lunch, you need more portion than breakfast, since you need a lot of energy to recharge your body and continue your tiring working day. A decent amount of calorie and protein is good enough, but don’t forget about multivitamins and minerals too. A rice, bread, or potato for the calorie, Meat or fish for the protein, vegetables for the multivitamins and minerals. We will get sleepy after lunch though, but usually, company workers don’t have much work after lunch compared to before lunch, so it’s okay.

At night, you don’t use much energy. Since you don’t do anything besides sleep. So, you should eat a less calorie. Lower your calorie consumption at night, but have some multivitamins too. Fruits, especially banana has low fat, but decent enough calorie. So, a banana is a nice choice for your snacks. Although if you’re working overtime, you should have a decent calorie of course. A good dinner usually doesn’t have many calories, but it still has a protein and vitamins. Avoid junk foods as your dinner, since junk food contains many calories and fat that will store in your body and then will increase your body weights.

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