How To Get Pidgeotto Haircut

pidgeotto haircutAre you getting interested in trying Pidgeotto haircut? As one of the popular haircuts right now, there is no doubt that you want to try this cut to refresh your last style. Easily combined with other styles, this haircut is surely a good choice if you want to make your face looks fresh with a new haircut. Knowing to be called based on the popular character of Pokemon named Pidgeotto, this haircut is certainly cool if you want to apply it on your hair. Then, how can you get this haircut?

How Can You Get Pidgeotto Haircut?

If you are fascinated with this haircut, the main point of this haircut is actually the slick back of your top hair. To get it perfectly, it is important for you to cut your front hair a bit longer than cut it shorter as the way go back. It is because you need to slick it back after the cutting. Since Pidgeotto haircut main point is the slick hair, it will not be a Pidgeotto if you are not going to stick it. Then, how about the left and right sides of your head? Actually, it is possible for you to combine it with other cuts.

When we are talking about other cuts here, it is possible for you to combine it with something like a bald cut or fade. In this case, making the sides shorter than the front hair is important to make it looks perfectly like Pidgeotto. Then, to make it looks even more unique; you may put style on the fade. If you are looking for the most common one, it is usually combined with a straight line on both of the sides. Other choices include spiral, whorl or lighting strike line. That’s all some points that you need to know if you want to get Pidgeotto haircut.

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