The Health Tips Are Crying

Health tipsThe cry is the physical response that is because of the reflex or the emotion which is felt by a person, in some cases, the cry is the signal that is sent to another person to tell that person is really sad or under pressure. Do you know that when you cry, you will produce the tears about five to ten ones? That tears are produced by the tear duct. In fact, you have not produced the tears just when you feel sad, but you also produce the tears when you flicker your eyes and when you yawn.

Actually, the tear is very important to keep the moist, so, your eyes will not be dry. And that is one of the functions of the tear. Actually, there are so many functions of the tear. The first is the tear will give your eyes oxygen. The main function of the tear is too moist the eyes. However, when you are crying, your eyes will get the enough nutrition and your eyes also will get the enough oxygen. It will make the eyes keep fresh and protect the eyes from dust, thing, or the microorganism.

The second is the tear will protect your eyes. The tear is divided into three kinds of the tear. The first is basalt tears that are produced as the lubricant, and second, reflex tear that is produced when there are over light and gas and other thing and third, psychogenic tear that is produced to express the emotion. The third is the tears that are produced when you cry, can retard the evaporation. The tear is not the usual water that comes out of your eyes, but the tear is made from three materials such as water, natural oil, and also the special liquid. Those materials have an own function, such as natural oil that can retard the evaporation.

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