How to Avoid Cavities

Health lifeMouth is a part of human body. It plays an important function in the digestion system. Thus, keeping the mouth healthy is people responsibility. One common problem that might occur when people disobey to keep the mouth healthy is cavities. Basically, it is a condition whereas the hole inside the tooth is dug by the microorganism. It can be a classic problem both for kids and adults, especially who that do not keep the mouth clean. Several things can be done to make the tooth healthy.

The cause of cavities is when people left the food particles inside the mouth. It will eat them all and create a hole on it. When this condition is left behind, it may attack the nerves. It will cause pain. This condition needs to be handled properly. As a daily act, people need to keep the mouth clean. Brushing the tooth twice per day especially before they go to bed is strongly suggested. When people brush the tooth well, it will remove the leftover food out of mouth area. Once it is not enough, people can apply mouth wash to clean it deeper.

Besides that, it is strongly suggested after taking sweet foods that contain a high level of sugar, people need to drink water. Water can flow the food so that people can minimize the amount of sugar left on the tooth. To keep the health status, people can visit the dentist regularly once per six months. Even there is no wrong with teeth, it does not mean they do not need to take the check-up. They still need it no matter would that means. There, the dentist will maintain the teeth, fix the problem on it before something worst happened. However, preventing the damage is better than fixing the problems when it occurs no matter would that means.

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