iPhone User Guide; Start Up iPhone

iphone user guideDo you know that iPhone is one of the most famous smartphones in the world? Many of you might be the users of iPhone. You might need your iPhone User Guide to know how to operate your iPhone. As the features of a smartphone are very, you might be confused because of the features and still do not know how to operate the features in the right way. Here we have the very simple manual that you need to know about how to start up or set up your gadget. Do you want to know more about it?

How To Start Up With iPhone User Guide

When you open your iPhone, you will find “Hello!” as the greeting in your screen. This is the beginning of your setting up on your new iPhone. Actually, you only need to push your iPhone’s button to set it up. Then, the greeting will be in different languages. Then, after the “Hello!” screen disappears, you can start to use your iPhone. In your iPhone user guide, you will find many ways to know how to operate your phone. After starting up your iPhone, you can use the features. For example, you can use the camera on your iPhone.

When you are curious about the most famous feature in iPhone, the camera of iPhone will give you the good result of capturing photos. In your iPhone’s camera, you also can find many features related to it. For the example, your phone can manage to capture any moments. It can capture regular photos, panoramic, and also a square photo. Besides that, you also can take your picture in HDR (high deviation resolution) photos. All of the choices of your iPhone’s camera, you can find it in the setting of the camera itself. For more learning, you can find it in iPhone user guide book as you receive your phone.

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