How to Join Correctional Services Learnership

Correctional Services LearnershipDo you know correctional services learnership, don’t you? If you do, you may want to join the latest program of this learnership in this year. Well, it is no secret that dept. of correctional services offers its learnership for every year. It is available for everyone from every background who is able to match the requirement of the learnership. In case you are feeling interested in joining this program, but you have not known how to do it, let’s check this following information about ways to join this internship program.

Ways to Join Correctional Services Learnership

In the first place, you are supposed to fill the application form for the learnership program. You can get the application form in every office of Correctional Services or download it on the official website of the Correctional Services department. If you want to download it, you just need to find a link which says Forms then follow it. To join correctional services learnership, the next step is filling the application form properly. Don’t forget to specify the internship post in where you are submitting the application for. For instance, you want to join the Leeuwkop of Gauteng Region.

After that, you are supposed to sign the form by yourself. Don’t ever ask someone to sign it for you. You must make sure that you are the one who signs it. Then, you have to attach copies of any certificate you are supposed to have which has been certified. Moreover, you should not forget to add identity document on the attachment. For the identity document, you are able to get the authorized copies in Police Station. Now, you can submit the application to the nearest office. Note that you are not allowed to send it as fax or email. That’s all about how to join correctional services learnership.

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