How To Live With One Lung

one lungIs it possible for someone to live with one lung? A study has found that it is possible for a human to live without two lungs. It means that we can live with only one part of the lung when normal human will have two lungs to make the respiratory process possible. Nevertheless, because of a certain condition like lung cancer and disease, it is potential for the lung to be removed in order to cut off the disease. Then, how can we live without one of our lungs?

Guides To Live Healthy With One Lung

In fact, there have been some examples of people who can survive without one of their lungs. To survive without our normal lungs, we may need to do some things that are quite different with those who have two normal lungs. One of the most important things to do to survive with one lung is to avoid cigarette. It means that you need to stay away from smoking and also smoke. Since cigarette contains many dangerous compounds that can damage our lungs, it is better for us to avoid it when we only have one. Avoiding cigarette is also a good idea when we want to keep other organs healthy.

Moreover, it is also crucial to watch out our choice of exercise. We cannot deny that we need to exercise when we want to achieve a healthy living habit. However, as we do not have two lungs like other, we may need to do little sport which is able to fresh up our body. In this case, we should not take a heavy sport like basketball, running or football. Instead, we can choose to do walking in the morning to freshen up our body and lung. Those are some guides that you can take into account when you need to live with one lung only.

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