How Much Data Does Streaming Use? Is It Different Between The Application?

How Much Data Does Streaming Music UseThere is much application that let you stream a song. People tend to use this kind of application to hear a song rather than download the song by themselves. It is true that using music application to stream is easy and simple. But how much data does streaming use? there are many music application, so is there any different data consumption between the application? Yes, of course, there are slight of different data consumption between each of music application. And how much are the averages of data consumption to stream music? this review will tell you about it. So, let’s get started.

What Makes Streaming Music So Easy? And How Much The Data Does It Use?

Streaming is so easy. You just need to push the button, receive the streaming and data consumption, and the music will play itself. It’s very simple but consume a huge amount of data each song. For example, if we use Joox application to the stream we need about 3.8 MB per minute. And if we use apple music we need 4.0 MB per minute. There is much other music application, but it seems that 3.0 MB to 4.0 MB per minute is the averages data stream consumption. So how much data does streaming use per song? One song usually only 3 minutes. The average data consumption per minute on music streaming is 3.5 MB so we need about 9.5 MB to play one 3-minute song (This can be lower or higher, but this is the averages)

So, in conclusion, the question on how much the data does streaming music use? the answer depends on music length and how many songs we hear. If we stream music for eight-hour work day, of course, our internet data will go in no time. So, watch out your music streaming. Don’t waste too much data on streaming music. Streaming music is fine, but don’t do it too much, or you will lose your internet data in no time.

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