Too Much Lemonade And Its Effect

Health lifeLemonade, it is really great drink especially coupled with ice cubes. It is always tempting to drink it anytime especially in a daytime. However, it turns out that lemonade is not as friendly as you think it is. The reason is because there are so many bad things involved that you may not realize. First of all, the lemonade that you purchase contains added sugar. While sugar is not entirely dangerous, it does make your body degrade slowly especially if you take it too much. Lemonade with added sugar will make you fat in the long run especially if you do not do any activity that burns fat effectively. There is nothing that you can do except reducing the amount of lemonade you drink if you want to keep away from heavy exercise.

Additionally, the sweet lemonade actually makes you feel in need for more foods. After eating sugary foods, somehow your mouth does not feel right. It demands more foods to balance the taste leaving in your mouth, and this is where overeating can happen. If that feeling is satisfied, you demand another sugary drink to balance your mouth acid once again. This cycle is somewhat unstoppable, and it renders you eating more than you can see. If this is not enough, lemonade contains acid from both lemon and sugar. It slowly damages your teeth which make your vulnerable to teeth decay. While it is not killing you, it makes your life miserable.

Now we are talking about something creepy. It is called heartburn which is caused by acid that returns to esophagus lining. This happens because your stomach does not want to receive an acidic drink from lemonade, and it tries to return it. However, the acid cannot travel upwards and eventually stays in esophagus lining. Slowly, this causes burn near your chest, and lemonade is the one to blame.

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