Node.Js Express Tutorial Applying The Codes

node.js express tutorialNode.js is very powerful server-side platform which is designed for accommodating fast performance web program. This kind of script was first developed in 2009, and it has been breathtaking since then. The reason is that the Node.js script is super powerful in and it is also fast. Moreover, it also can ensure both client and server communication in high performance. Therefore, many web developers consider this script as the best option, to begin with. It’s been 6 years after it was born. The node.js express tutorial is available easily now. Thus, it definitely helps for both young and experienced developers to make codes.

Applying Codes With Node.Js Express Tutorial

There are three important elements that you should prepare before applying the Node.js code. First of all, it is to import required modules. The second is to create the server in the Node.js express tutorial. The third is read requires and return response. The next required step is used for loading HTTP module. Additionally, it also stores the HTTP that is returned to HTTP variable. This process is pretty straightforward, and it is very basic. After that, you need to create the server. It is done by using HTTP and call http.createServer(). This method is to create a server which is then assigned to port 8081. You also can add a function of request parameter and response.

The third is the really important because you will be testing request and response. You need to execute the Node.js that you have made to start the server. Since we are talking about the main node, you will need to execute main.js instead. After this, your browser will show the text that you make. This running instance will end of the current Node.js express tutorial because it only covers until such state. If you want to develop it further, you need to try more combinations to achieve the effect.

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