Preparing Bad Weather Condition

Health careSometimes, when the weather turns bad, the immunity of human follows to drop. For example, when the heavy rain comes daily or during the snowy season, people seem to be weaker and easy to be infected diseases such as flu, cold, fever, and many others. Therefore, keeping the body healthy is important to do. Even though people have a good lifestyle in their lives, somehow putting extra efforts during bad weather becomes essential to do.

The Preventive Suggestion During Bad Weather

Firstly, it is advised during the bad season to keep the body warm. It means, people can try to use warm shower rather than cold shower while they are cleaning their bodies. After that, it is also advisable to take hot water. Even though naturally people prefer to avoid cold water or ice drink, sometimes they cannot hide to take ice cream. It is true that the food is free from bacterial, but the low temperature somehow could make the immunity low. Hence, it becomes nonsense when people put warm clothes but still consuming cold food.

On the other hand, for people who do regular exercise, they can eliminate to do swimming in the outdoor area. Although they are in at fit condition, when the bones touch the cold temperature, it can make it weak. Besides swimming, there are some kinds of sports as the second options. So, that people do not hesitate to change the type of sports as the supporting function to keep the body healthy during bad weather. For further case, when the body feels bad, taking some high dosage of vitamin C is reasonable. Vitamin C plays a role as an antioxidant that will be the first guard when the body is attacked by certain virus or bacteria. Therefore, it becomes realistic to do before taking the medicine when the body sick.

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