Proper Way To Brush Your Teeth

Health tipsIf you are too lazy to brush your teeth, be prepared for annoying mouth problems. Brushing your teeth regularly can prevent tartar, cavities, bleeding gums and many other mouth problems. Therefore, keeping your teeth clean is very important. Additionally, having healthy teeth and fresh breath makes you look more attractive. Sadly, many people still brush their teeth incorrectly. So how do we properly brush our teeth? Just follow this explanation.

The Proper brush takes about 120 seconds to do. Most people do not brush their teeth that long. Use a stopwatch to help you get the right time when brushing your teeth. Brushing your teeth for too long can cause injury so be careful. Do not brush your teeth too hard because your gum is actually fragile. Gently strokes your teeth while brushing and clean these sections gently and thoroughly:

  • The outer surface of your upper and lower teeth
  • The inner surface of your upper and lower teeth
  • The chewing surfaces
  • Your tongue for cleaner breath

The Proper brush also requires proper tools. Choose toothbrush which has soft bristle to remove plaque and debris from your teeth. Do not forget to change your toothbrush every three mounts or after it begins to show wear. Toothpaste selection is also an important aspect. Nowadays, toothpaste is available in many variations for specific purposes. Ask your dentist if you need a suggestion about which toothpaste is suitable for you.

Regret always comes too late. Mouth problems such as bad breath, tartar, bleeding gum, and cavity are not just annoying, but also make you less attractive. Severe mouth problems also cost a lot of money to deal with. Brush your teeth routinely at least twice a day after taking breakfast and before going to bed. Do not forget to ask your dentist to check your mouth condition every 6 months.

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