Risk Factors For Alzheimer

Health tipsHave you heard about Alzheimer? This disease may not as popular as cancer or heart disease since people who have this disease is not as many as another disease. Alzheimer itself is a disease that attacks the brain cells, nerves and also neurotransmitters of the patients. Because of it, this disease affects the brain function including the memory of the sufferers.

In order to understand more about this disease and also to make you be more careful, here are some risk factors of it. By knowing them indeed you can do prevention to the disease in which its exact cause has not been known until today.

  1. Increasing age

For the first risk factor of Alzheimer’s is increasing age. It can be seen by the patients of the disease that are commonly elderly. That is why we can say that old people have a higher risk of having Alzheimer.

  1. Family history

After that, the second factor which can cause a high risk of Alzheimer is family history. In this case, people having a bad record of their family condition can get the disease easier. Hence the best thing to do is knowing the family history relating to Alzheimer whether there is another member getting the disease or not.

  1. Previous head injury

Besides the previous head injury is the next factor that can increase the risk of Alzheimer. Here a severe head injury gives a bigger factor for the disease. Hence for those who have got a severe head injury before, it is a good idea to check your condition to the doctor so that you know whether you have Alzheimer’s or not.

  1. Lifestyle factor

Moreover, lifestyle factor can cause Alzheimer as well. It means that your lifestyle in young ages can influence your healthy condition when you are older. Therefore, the best thing to do here is understanding and then applying a healthy life now.

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