Smartphone Android Nougat As The System

android nougatNot all smartphone has contained the Android Nougat as the system of the smartphone. So, what can you do to know what kinds of smartphone that installed the Nougat as the Android system? What is the kinds of smartphone that installed the Nougat as the Android system that you can buy? If you want to have one smartphone with the Nougat as the system, you must read this article until the end.

Smartphone With Android Nougat For You.

Beautiful and elegant can realize when you are choosing the Nougat as your Android system. The new feature on the Nougat is called Vulkan API technology. This feature will help and support you to get the experiences that more joyful than before, because this technology support you to see the 3D graphic in the high performances. If you play the games on the Android Nougat system, you will feel more real than other Android systems. The applications with this Nougat, also have the elegant effect to everyone who sees and uses the applications. Besides that, you also can enjoy the virtual reality that simple but have the high quality while playing the game or use other applications. The smartphone that has the Nougat system, also complete with the VR mode. The Virtual Reality mode will bring you to the new world, the smartphone also completes with the daydream ability.

Besides that, the Nougat also make your work easier than before because the smartphone will provide the fasting response when you click on the setting and the notifications setting that easier to use for you. You also can organize the setting to access the applications that you want faster. You also can reply the message directly on the notifications with the mini chats, without you should open the applications one by one. That’s all the benefits that you will get when you choose the Android Nougat as the operating system of your smartphone.

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