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Health lifeNaturally, acne is a condition that commonly occurred in people face no matter how old they are. It is caused by the exceed sebum that is extracted to hydrate the skin. Besides that, the infection might occur when the bacterial agent attacks the spot. As the result, acne will appear. It is very common to see acne at TZone area. Forehead, nose, and chin are the prior spot on the face where the acne can be found in big amounts.

When people want to reduce and get rid of chin acne, one prior thing people should realize is eliminating the cause. If some Chinese believe the presence of chin acne is related to irritation in the intestine, some people determine the cause of this acne is because of other factors. The presence of SLS in tooth paste and mouth wash is recognized can cause the acne. Besides that, the use of strong fragrance in lip balm also can irritate the chin. The last, it is not allowed to rest the chin on hand since the dirty from hand can be transferred to the chin and cause the acne.

The tips in eliminating chin acne could be applied by washing the face regularly. Sebum, oil, and dirt can be removed unless they keep the cleanliness in the face area. Besides that, using friendly toothpaste, mouthwash, and lip balm is required to avoid this acne appears. Sometimes, ice can be wiped to calm down the skin texture at night. The low temperature will make the skin pores smaller. When the acne irritates strongly, the use of garlic can be applied. The antibiotics agents on garlic will attack the cause of acne while it is also containing anti inflammations agents. By attempting these steps, people can get a fresh face and get rid of chin acne easily.


Health lifeHealthy life must be everyone’s desire. To live healthily you need several things to do, though. The things you need to do will be nor that hard. It will be easy if you used to it then. If you want to live healthily, then you must change your life from now on. It can be started from the little things, like in this time, here will be explained about several small habits that can give you many benefits towards your healthy life. Do you want to know? Here you go! This healthy tip is actually for children. You know right that it is not that easy to maintain the health of your children sometimes.

They will be easy to get attacked by several diseases because they have not known yet how to keep the health of themselves. This is your task as a parent to keep the health of your children then. These are the tips for you if you want to keep your children healthy. First, you need to give your children healthy food with enough nutrition, you can ask them to start eating fruit and also vegetable, You need to make a habit for them to eat all of them during the entire day.

You know that fruit also can give nutrition that your children need. You can give them a banana, orange, and also apple. They are sweet fruit and your children must like them. If your children do not like to eat the fruit directly maybe you can make it into juice so it will be easier for them to consume the fruit. Well for orange, you can only make it into orange squash, so that you do not have to add some water. Well, those are the healthy tips you can apply to your children for the food they need to eat so that they will be healthy all the times.


Health lifeHey there! Can you consider whether you are healthy or not? Well, that must be a question that makes you confused. Everyone cannot measure whether they are healthy or not before they do the check up to the doctor. However, you can feel it by yourself. You can find which part of your body which works error. The error may be the signal if your body is not healthy. Then, now it is better for you to do the prevention and try to live in healthy lifestyle if you want to be healthy. What are the tips if you want to be healthy then? Here you go!

There are many parts of your body that will need your attention, but it is seemingly your eyes will be the part that you cannot resist. You know this organ has many functions. By having the healthy eye then you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the world. There are several things that you need to do if you want to keep your eyes healthy.  They are very simple to do, though. The first one, you need to blink your eyes sometimes. You need to shut your eyes down for a while after you have a stare and try to focus on the screen such as a laptop, computer, or anything for a long time.

The next step is that you need to consume vitamin A. this vitamin A can be found in your daily food such as carrot. Carrot contains vitamin A and also beta carotene which has a function to keep the health of your eyes. The next thing you need to do is try to use protection for your eyes. It can be done when you have a ride or go outside to avoid the pollution and also the dirt that may harm your eyes. The last you need to do a routine checkup sometimes with the doctor.


Health lifePeople do not always know how to maintain their condition. Sometimes people are careless about them so you can see many people are attached to the disease or are easy to get stress. If you want to live with fine, there is healthy life for you who still search for the way to be always healthy. You must be educated if you want to know the aspects that can make you are always healthy. A healthy life is done because of you applied healthy living in your daily routine and in activities. You also avoid many things that can change your condition, it may become bad or it may make you will healthier.

To get the knowledge of healthy life, you can learn this by reading some good book about healthy life and you can listen to some tips from TV, talk show, your friend, your family, or everyone who try to live with healthy or everyone who live without unhealthy condition. there are many tops to you to get a healthy life, for example, it is better for you to get enough sleep so you can always start your day with a smile and feel fresh because of enough sleep time.

Because healthy life can change your life, many people learn to get healthy. You can also know many things that make you’re healthy from many sources. You can go and ask the doctor about your condition and the doctor will give you warn or advice if you want to be healthy, you must avoid some bad behavior that will worse you. The other people who see the opportunity is studied hard in the healthy project so they can give the service to the other about the way to make a healthy life. They become health professional that know to make healthy life and life happier.


Health lifeA headache is a common condition which many people have experienced. As we know that this condition will suffer you because of the pain on the head. Then, headache itself is triggered by so many factors like stress, allergies, fatigue, alcohol and drugs, eyestrain, low blood sugar, poor posture, constipation, nutritional deficiencies, and hormones. Indeed each person may have a different cause of a headache.

Since this condition is very disturbing, you cannot do the activities well hence what you need is headache remedies. Then, in order that you can get the best remedies for this condition, hence below is the list of remedies which can be chosen.

  1. Magnesium

To begin with, magnesium becomes one of the best remedies. Firstly, it can be safer than a painkiller. According to the research, magnesium is good for a headache. With low levels of magnesium, it can reduce the migraine attacks. People who have diabetes and heart disease are good to use it too.

  1. Gluten-Free Diet

The second best remedies which can be chosen is gluten-free diet. In this case, you should consume the gluten-free food. As we know that those who have gluten sensitivity consume food containing gluten, a headache can occur. That is why the best thing to do is consuming the food without any gluten inside.

  1. Lavender & Peppermint Essential Oil

The next one there is lavender and peppermint essential oil. Here the use of lavender oil will work as sedative and mood stabilizer. Meanwhile, peppermint oil can get the effect to reduce a headache. You can choose them as the best remedies when you have a headache.

  1. Chiropractic Care and Posture

Then, in the next one which you can choose as headache remedies is by doing chiropractic care and posture. This alternative remedies can be chosen when a headache is caused by the poor posture of the body.

Health lifeSome people think that diseases can only be affected by the outsiders that come to their body and harm them to make them suffer and feel sick. It is a wrong thing to know. Yes, outsiders like virus and bacteria can harm you from the outside, but it is not the whole sources. You also need to think the internal aspect that causes a disease, the mental. Mental can also cause some problems to our body, as it can also strengthen our body. If you know this thing, you will probably think twice about this thing and start to care yourself from now. So, what happen to our mental that can cause the body gets sick? Of course, it has the ability to do that when you are too stressed and in trouble, your mind is blowing and you don’t have any idea that this thing can cause something bad to your body. The question is how to cure it? Here is the answer.

Here is how to stop your mind gets stressed too much. First, go somewhere you like. it is not like that you have to go somewhere fancy, just a place that you think you can find something new and interesting to make you forget the whole thing about your problems. Another thing that you can do is that to do your hobby. Hobby is a good thing to do as you can enjoy yourself and feel better when you are doing it. for some people, the hobby can also be a thing that produces some money, so keep doing it and who knows you can be good in that thing. The last thing is sleeping. If you have no idea where to go and you also have no passion in doing things, then the last thing you can do is sleeping. Sleeping can make you forget your problems for a while. It will also recharge your energy, so you will be able to face things in different energy which is good when you feel fresh. With knowing this, you will be able to avoid the mental problem and also a physical problem and live healthier.


Health lifePeople nowadays are obsessed to have muscular yet beautiful bodies. Not only man, the woman also doing everything to make their belly looks flat. Some people goes to the gym and other sports station to make their belly flatten and sexy. But there are also people who dreamt of having flat belly without doing sports. It’s more like impossible to have flat belly without a workout. But have you heard that there is nothing impossible? Yes, you could flatten your belly without doing any sports. All you need to do is just change your habit and make sure not to break the daily routines. After days you might get your flat belly if you are doing it consistently.

The first thing you need to pay attention is that you have to eat and chewing your food slowly. According to nutrients expert, chewing your food slowly could help you to deduct you eating a portion. Because you are already tired to chew before your food is finished. Chewing your food slowly also could make more essence of your foods which makes you full for more time than you are chewing your food faster. Second things are you are not allowed to get a snack. Thrown away you chips and crackers which are lies nutrients and have high calories. All those snacks that go inside your bodies are definitely your bloated belly’s occupants. To change your habits which are eating a snack, you could replace it with drinking more mineral water than before. Every time you feel want to eat, let’s just drink your prepared mineral water around you. Not only helping you to dispose toxic inside your bodies, mineral water also could make you full. Mineral water does not contain any calories so you don’t have to worries to consume it, moreover, mineral water also helping you to burn your fat.