Tips To Create Green Roses

green rosesAs one of the roses which are not that easy to find, green roses are frequently made by dying the other roses or other flowers to get the clear green color. Then, how can we create this kind of rose by our own way? Actually, there are some ways in which we can create our own green rose. If you are interested to know the way to create a green rose by yourself, here are some tips that you can take into account when making a green rose by your own hand.

Tips To Create Artificial Green Roses

In the first tips, we are going to create the green rose by dying it with green color. In this case, you need to prepare several white roses first. It is better to take the one which has three or four inches’ stem. Then, you need to prepare for green food coloring, a glass and also a knife. To create green roses, you just need, to begin with adding a few drops of the color into the water. For a perfect color, make it into deep green without adding extra color. After that, cut the end of the stem diagonally for an inch. Put it into the green water while maintaining the stem in straight position.

Afterward, we just need to wait for the white rose to turn into a green rose. It may take one until two days to get the color we want. The thing that you need to remember in this process is that you should not keep it below the direct sunlight. After you get the color you want, you can finish it by cutting the undesired element of the stem. Instead of dying it, it is also possible to create artificial rose with paper, plastic or cloth. That’s all a few tips to create artificial green roses.

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